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5 Useful Tips You Should Know About PDF Files

PDFs rule the world of digital file formats, mostly due to their remarkable versatility and unique design components. Not to mention the fact that you can view them on everything, including a desktop computer, phone, tablet, laptop, etc.

Their format also makes them easy to email, download, and print for whatever purpose you need. But to be able to effectively control and have access to all the elements of a PDF file, you’ll need the help of a PDF editor or any online tool.

Let’s learn how you can use PDFs better.

Effectively Create a PDF

First things first, you have to learn how to create a PDF file. There are tons of tools and software you can use for this but the best way to create a PDF in most people’s opinion is using Adobe Acrobat. It’s a professional PDF tool and offers countless features but it’s a paid service, which might discourage some users.

You can also use Microsoft Word to open any PDF file. Upload it on the software and save it as a .docx document. Additionally, you could also use online PDF creators to create files for free.

Convert Hard Copies to PDFs

It’s surprising how many businesses and industries still use hard copies, in other words, paper copies to save important information. Luckily students, professors, and medical professionals can turn their written work into a PDF file by scanning and converting the file using a free PDF editor.

All you need is access to a scanner with a document feeder. That way you can convert as many hard copy pages as you want into PDF files.

Translate Your PDF File

In many cases, you might encounter a PDF file you need to write that is in a language you don’t understand. But there’s no need to worry, a simple tool like Google Translate can solve the problem in no time.

Simply go to Google Translate and upload your PDF file using the documents icon. Then, select the language it is written in and your target language.

Reduce the Size of the PDF File

Compressing a PDF file can not only speed up your PDF reader and make it load faster, but it also helps you optimize its size for sending and storing. You’ll eventually run into a problem where you want to send your PDF file to a friend, professor, or client but you won’t be able to because it exceeds the maximum attachment size.

The same problem could occur if you’re trying to send more than one PDF file. One way to do it is to compress the file itself or make the images inside of it smaller. Either way, an online PDF editor tool can help you solve the problem.

Lock Your PDF to Make it Safe

If you’re doing business in the digital world, encryption is a must-have in every case. Encrypting your PDF file will prevent it from being copied, viewed, or edited by random people on the internet.

There are hundreds of options for online software you can use to encrypt your files but remember to set a strong password that can protect your personal and private files.

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