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5 Tips And Tricks To Be Successful In The Art World


The artists’ talent pool is growing by the day. The competition and benchmarks are high. There is no rapid formula to becoming a competent artist. It takes hard work, determination, persistence, and selling skills to stand out in the artist community and stay there. 

Becoming a successful professional artist can be challenging. You must be sparkling and consistent in your creative portfolio to outshine fellow artists. Regular interaction with the artist community can help you sharpen your art-making skills. Here are five tips and tricks to help position yourself in the art world and become a reference point. 

  1. Make An Impressive Portfolio

An artist portfolio is one’s best form of introduction to the global art community. It is evidence of your talent and skill. A portfolio is a collection of handmade, photographic, computer-generated, or printed samples of the artist’s artwork. It is a great way to show your talent at art galleries for artists and fetches you recognition for your work from a prospective employer or a gallery.   

A portfolio differs from a resume–it shows off your ability in a particular field of art more than your educational background and work experiences. Hence, a great sales tool to impress your prospective art gallery owner or employer. Nowadays, an online digital portfolio is evolving to promote your artwork in person and online. Whether you are an amateur or professional artist, stock your portfolio with your latest and most significant pieces to allow you to jump on any opportunity that comes your way. 

  1. Keep Art Event Calendar Updated  Instant credit card approval in UAE is not so complicated Now 

Art is not merely a creative activity to appreciate and ponder on; it’s a business. Sitting in your swanky home interiors may not be the best option if you plan to sell your artwork and get noticed. You need to step out and check the respective art galleries for upcoming art events. 

Bookmark significant dates for auctions, exhibitions, and fairs and try to be present in many of them. This will offer you a higher chance to get noticed, exchange business cards, sell art and make profits. You may also browse the internet for your in-season art promotion. A thoughtfully designed calendar will allow you, as an artist, to focus on your creative prowess and spend time on marketing and side activities. Mark summer, spring, fall, and winter art events in the calendar you would like to explore for your art sales and promotion. You may carry out this activity month-wise as well.  

  1. Make the Most of Social Media 

While pursuing a career in arts is easy, selling your artwork can be tricky. Conventional promotional tools like print and electronic media can go out of budget for marketers and advertisers. However, social media is a trendy and focused tool to promote your art pieces and art gallery. Social networking sites are redefining how the art world does business. Millennial art buyers are exploring buying fine art online sidestepping galleries.   

Embrace this new marketing tool by checking popular social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram, for art promotion and spreading the word around. Speak with your followers about who you are and your art expertise. Follow reputed art galleries’ websites to mark your presence on the social network. 

  1. Get Into Multitasking 

Competition is stiff in the business and self-employed sectors. Most artists may find it challenging to earn enough money by only selling their paintings and artworks. Hence, being able to juggle multiple art projects at the same time is a fundamental skill required to stay afloat in the art world.  

Make use of your spare time to freelance in a start-up art gallery. It will help you hone your knack for art-making and improve your understanding of the trade side of an art gallery. Applying for awards will also help you broaden your network and enhance your profile. You can also use productivity tools and apps for multitasking. Remember to define and establish priority items over others to focus on the tasks ahead.

  1. Be a Trend Watcher 

There is plenty of room to create art that’s different and compelling. You must observe trends and developments in the art industry to pick your points and adapt them to your artistic mind. Watch what is happening currently–not what happened a few years back to get ahead in the ever-changing art world. 

New-age artists should see the evolution in canvas materials, brushes, etc., to stay on top of new trends. Aim to edge ahead of the competition by figuring out why customers choose your gallery over your competition. 

The Bottom Line 

Focus on exceptional customer service, whether it is a walk-in customer at your gallery or repeat visitors. Be brave to take risks to grow in the art business. Moreover, work diligently when putting together art shows, exhibitions, and opening nights. Ensure every attending visitor feels relaxed, welcomed, looked after, inspired, and engaged. Furthermore, stay true to your art and ensure they reflect your ideas clearly. 

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