5 Poster Design Ideas to Try

5 Poster Design Ideas to Try

If you think about some of the classic movies of our day, you may actually think of the movie poster first.

This can be the power of brilliant poster ideas.

Whether you’re trying to come up with a movie poster, or you’re just making a poster for fun, learning what the steps are for designing a poster can take some practice.

If you’re new to the process, we will give you a few basic ideas to get those creative juices flowing. Keep reading to get some of your very own poster design ideas for your next project! 

1. Use an Exciting Image

Remember that the background doesn’t have to just be a “background,” but it can actually be the focus in a way. For instance, if you use a background image that easily relates to the main message, you won’t even need much text on the poster at all! 

Some of the most clever, funny, or profound messages out there exist all thanks to a simple image. 

2. Try Bolder Colors

It’s hard to catch someone’s attention with something like a poster if there isn’t something to draw their eye to, which is exactly what bold colors do. Whether you choose a bold color for the background or you want bold colored text, the result will be very intriguing. 

Regardless of the route you take, always choose a contrasting color for the rest of the poster. Neutrals tend to look great against a bold shade of any color. 

3. Go for a Retro Vibe

When you want to create a poster that will appeal to a wider crowd, retro is a great option. You’ll be able to find plenty of template designs that are in a retro style, but certain textures, shapes, grime, and grains will create a very attractive retro, quaint poster feel. 

It may help to go either really bright with these colors or stay within multiple shades of similar colors to make the design stand out.

4. Use Patterns and Shapes

If the main goal is to catch the eye of the audience, shapes are an easy way to do this. For instance, you can combine multiple plain shapes together to create an image, such as a face, product, or word.

Overlaying patterns on these shapes, or using them for a more exciting background, can make the effect more powerful. 

5. Try an Overlay

To make a poster like this, you’ll just need to choose an image that is capable of inspiring and relates back to the poster’s message. Then, make the background image’s transparency low, and add your text over it for an interesting effect.

For this to have the most impact, it’s a good idea to go with a brightly colored text or funky font choice to make it really pop against the background. 

Test Out These Poster Design Ideas Today

Now that you have a little bit of inspiration for your upcoming poster, you can try a few of these poster design ideas to see what works best. Remember to put your most creative foot forward and text the boundaries; there is nothing wrong with thinking outside of the box to create a memorable poster!

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