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11 signs of a strong and healthy relationship

11 signs of a strong and healthy relationship

Signs of a healthy relationship

1. You share the same values.

In a relationship, it is possible and sometimes even necessary to accept some differences. You can hold different political views; date an atheist while being a deeply religious person. We advise believers to get to know each other on christian dating sites.

Perhaps the most important thing is to look in the same direction and share key life principles. And it’s also great to have similar views on how family relationships should be structured.

2. You respect each other

Mutual respect is the key to a long and prosperous relationship. You don’t manipulate your partner’s feelings, and you meet each other halfway, not trying to teach the other about life.

Never, anywhere and under any pretext do not look into someone else’s cell phone. Leave that Pandora’s box closed and sleep well.

3. You bring out the best in each other, not the worst.

In my previous relationships, I was constantly being told that I wasn’t living up to expectations. At one point I almost believed that I do not know how, began to mentally add the prefix “not” to all their actions and qualities.

Normal relationships are built on mutual respect (see #2), where two people help each other to grow and develop, but do not force change under pressure.

Change is an important, positive and rewarding part of life, but you have to want to change yourself. In a healthy relationship, you both grow and develop as individuals, not become an object of constant judgment and criticism from your partner.

4. You like to have fun together.

Having fun together is something you should also know how to do. We have to admit: everyone is different, everyone has their own understanding of fun. It’s important that your vision of a good party coincides with your partner’s opinion and that both enjoy the process. Some people like noisy parties and wild dancing, and some are much nicer to the idea of becoming members of an intellectual club.

5. You can count on your partner in a difficult situation

Life isn’t easy, and sometimes we all find ourselves in difficult situations. In a proper and healthy relationship, you should see your partner as a support who will not be afraid and will not run away from difficulties.

Your partner is a friend and an ally. He is willing to be there for you, to help in a difficult moment, not just share moments of joy and all-around fun with you.

6. You take care of each other.

Caring for your neighbor is a normal human need. In a healthy relationship you want to love and be loved. Not only do you take, but you give easily, without demanding or expecting anything in return.

To love is to find your own happiness in the happiness of the other person.

And you also want to share everything. If you find yourself in a great place alone, you’re bound to think, “I wish my soulmate were here, it would have been great to share this experience.

7. You trust your partner and feel at ease.

Total control is more suited to the military. In a healthy relationship, you don’t demand minute-by-minute accountability for everything, but trust each other and, just as importantly, feel confident.

In a normal relationship you don’t waste your time analyzing your partner’s incomprehensible actions and searching for hidden meanings in conversations with friends.

8. You talk to each other.

Communication is an important element of a healthy relationship. You don’t second-guess, but ask directly and voice your desires without trying to pathologically avoid conflict. People are not mind-readers and may simply not know that you lack something. You are well aware of this, so you do not hesitate to ask your partner about what is important to you. And also you are able not only to talk, but also to listen.

9. You are comfortable talking together.

Talking about interesting topics is really cool, but sometimes being able to be quiet together is much more important. In a healthy relationship, you are comfortable just being around each other. You don’t try to fill all the pauses that arise with unnecessary words and you don’t get tired of each other if you don’t say a word.

10. You have your own life outside the relationship

You love being together with your significant other, but you remain a self-sufficient individual with your own interests and hobbies outside the relationship. It’s cool to spend time apart sometimes, to have your own friends and your own favorite things to do.

In a healthy relationship, you don’t try to fill all of your partner’s free time, but let them have their own interests, which you don’t judge, but respect.

11. You have a similar daily routine.

In a normal relationship, you have managed to adjust to the biorhythms of the other without compromising your own health and mood. If you are a morning person and your partner is a night person and neither one wants to change their habits, this can become a problem over time.

In a healthy relationship, you manage to agree and find a balance so that you both feel comfortable.

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