Drug addiction is the most dangerous addiction for human body.It destroys our physical and mental health.A drug addicted person hasn’t any worth of his life.But modern science has invented the prevention of drug addiction. We have a lot of treatments to prevent drug addiction.The first step of addiction treatment is drug test.Today our lesson is about a drug test which is most expensive.

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Drug test means determining the presence and absence ofdrug in human body by analysing technically.In a drug test it usually analyseda biological sample of human body like saliva, blood, hair,sperm, urine, breath etc.There are many kinds of drug test.They are urine test, hair test, oral fluid test, breath test, blood drug test etc.The most common drug test is urine test.But the most expensive drug test is blood drug test. Now it’s time to discuss about blood drug test.

Blood drug test means the test where blood is used as the sample of human body.Urine or other metrics can beusedfor drug test.But they are not enough ideal so the test result might not be 100% pure.First of all LabCorp offered drug testing by using blood sample.Because they got a quiet success in blood drug test. When a person take drugs actively then the result of blood drug test may be appropriate in situations. When we metabolise and eliminate drag rapidly from our body a very brief detection window is offered by blood analysis. We can detect drugs in blood typically within minutes to hours. It depends on the type of drug and the dose after taking blood drug screen tests it performs on whole blood specimens. When it performs it uses immunoassay screening with reflex.

Procedures for blood drug tests

  1. First of all we need Venipunctureand two grey top tubes.Because grey colour can analyse cocaine.
  2. Second step is mixing specimen tubes by invention.
  3. The stoppers are needed to seal with temper evident tap.
  4. With the sample identification the tube must be levelled.If possible patients in formation should be added.
  5. To transport the document and custody protocol using chain.
  6. Marking the test number on the form.
  7. Refrigerate it more than two days.But should not be freezed.

Invaluable information on compliance are provided by using blood for drug testing or medication monitoring.Sometimes it becomes pertinent To know about the quantity of presence substant the process to compare the quantity to a person’s dosingregimen. Again sometimes we have to know the process of the individual to metabolised prescribed medication. Then it’s the correct time to use blood drug test.Though urine has a longer window of detection than blood substantial insights into recent medication use and illicit drug use could be provided by blood.

Advantages of blood testing

  • Positive correlation is supported by blood test between prescribed drugdoses and patient blood concentration.
  • Blood identifies particularly if the prescription is more or less than taken.
  • Documents tolerance by the patient to medications is the strongest indicator.
  • The need is determined for additional testing.
  • Blood test provides incontrovertiblespotting of parent drug.


Normally saliva or urine test at home costs from less than $10 to $50. It depends on the organisations or the lab qualities.For example it is charged $9 for a five test by Walgreens. Again $10 is charged to saliva test by Walgreens. Dragster.com takes $28 for  saliva test. Again urine or saliva test at laboratory cost $50 to $80.At the same time for 10 drug urine test laboratory charges $49 and they charge $69 for five drag urine test.These are the normal types of drug test.But blood drug test is more costly than all of this.For a blood test it typically costs $100 to $650 or more. Also this starts depends on the laboratory. Blood test for marijuana or cocaine $85 is charged by prepaid lap test. And $200for seven drug blood test. $189 is charged for five drag hair follicle test.This test checks the report of last 90 days.Again $229 is charged for a blood alcohol level laboratory test. $650 is charged for hair test. This test takes the report of last six months.

Additional costs

There are some additional costs in drug test.It depends on the type of patients.If we have serious drug problems we have to go to rehab with a cost of $5000 to $6000.Outpatient programmes needs $500 and 30,60 or 90 days programmes need $600 to $6000.

Often some laboratories offer discount for patients.Maximum time online coupon is offered by them. One can get $10 off for any test costs $49 or more.



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